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About Vidalco

Vidalco International, LLC has been chosen with great enthusiasm to become the Ambassador of some of the FINEST WINES from around the world!

Constantin George Zamfirescu, founder of Vidalco International, LLC, began with the vision to start offering for the first time wines from the more prestigious vineyards of Romania. Having spent his summers at his Grandparent's vineyard in Romania, Mr. Zamfirescu felt compelled to share his passion and enjoyment of wines that enriched his life for years.

In 1999, Mr. Zamfirescu founded Vidalco International, LLC in Dunbar, West Virginia. Mr. Zamfirescu's entrepreneurial spirit combined in the beginning with the expertise of Vinarte, SRL and later Halewood Cellars, SA brought his dream to reality in the fall of 2001 by introducing, educating and familiarizing the consumers with the finest Romanian wines.

Romania is an OLD WORLD WINE producing country. Dealu Mare, Vanju Mare and Samburesti are some of the finest wine regions in the world, but are still "UNKNOWN" compared to other extraordinary wine growing regions like Bordeaux, Tuscany, Rioja, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Napa, Colchagua or Barossa. Romania has been producing wines for over 6,000 years. Due to the obstruction of the communist regime that ruled the country in the last few decades, from 1940 up until 1989 the world was hindered from the enjoyment of these exceptional wines.

It is the mission of Vidalco International, LLC to share with you, wines from the most KNOWN and UNKNOWN wine producing regions of the WORLD. Through his adventures, he has added to his portfolio some of the most treasured wines of Asia, Europe, North America, South America and soon Australia and Africa. Wines created with the utmost care, which reflect the grace and complexity of the land they represent.

Vidalco International, LLC encourages people to "Discover and Celebrate Wines that Give Charm to the Moment!" by inspiring them to "Meet the Unknown!"

Constantin George Zamfiresku, founder of Vidalco International LLC

Constantin George

President and CEO
Vidalco International, LLC

San Francisco
World Wine Market 2003