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September 2010

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Vidalco International, LLC started to operate in the Commonwealth State of Virginia under Vidalco Virginia as of September 01, 2010.

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About the owner of Vidalco Virginia, LLC:

Kathleen Keenan, President of Vidalco Virginia, LLC, was raised in a small town of rural Vermont. She ventured out after her first year of college to places as far south as Charleston SC and then back up to Martha’s Vineyard, MA. After spending an extraordinary summer on the Vineyard, Ms. Keenan decided to settle down there, living there for a number of years through all of the seasons. It was there that she started acquiring the taste for fine wines and rich foods. Upon leaving the Vineyard, Ms. Keenan joined the United States Army, where she became part of the Official Escort to the President of the United States and marched on the Tomb of the Unknown.

Moving on in her career, she later became a K9 Military police officer for the remaining part of the tour. Upon completing the tour in the US Army, Ms. Keenan began working as a supervisor building residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. While living and working in Virginia, Ms. Keenan began touring different vineyards and wine events throughout Virginia as well as neighboring states trying to rekindle the passion for wine and food she had found while in Martha’s Vineyard.

In March 2010, she joined together with her friend, Constantin Zamfirescu, founder of Vidalco International, LLC, in hopes of venturing into the wine business. Since then, with a regained passion for wine and a well-laid business plan, Ms. Keenan has embarked upon this next exciting chapter of her life. And as they say, the rest is history.

Ms. Keenan currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA with her 10-year-old daughter. Apart from her interest in wine, she is an avid runner, having completed more than 10 half marathons, 14k’s, 10k’s and 5k’s in the past year and half. She is now venturing on to triathlons.

With two triathlons already completed, she has a number of them scheduled over the next few months, and she has set her sights on competing in an Ironman competition in 2011.

Contact information:

Kathleen Keenan, President of Vidalco Virginia: email:

The editors at Wine Enthusiast (WE) have recently rated and reviewed El Huique, Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua Valley 2007, wine imported to US by Vidalco International, LLC.

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The wine will appear on-line in WE search-able wine database beginning September 1st.

Only a selection of these ratings and reviews will appear in print the buying guide of the WE in the September 2010 issue.

89 Best Buy El Huique, Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley 2007 $13

Vidalco International, LLC started to operate in the State of South Carolina under Vidalco South Carolina since June 01, 2010.

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About the Owners of Vidalco South Carolina, LLC:

Marcos Digliodo was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina, and came to the United States to attend college on a tennis scholarship. Having been raised in a family and in a country with a great appreciation for wine, it was inevitable that his career would follow this path. Marcos is very knowledgeable about wines, and enjoys working with clients to introduce them to Vidalco wines.

Trish Digliodo, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, moved to South Carolina over 15 years ago. Her rich sales and marketing experience, and a passion for wine led her to a Sales Position with Vidalco International, LLC.

Because of their believe in the quality of the wines that Vidalco International, LLC, import in US, Trish and Marcos established Vidalco South Carolina, LLC in June of 2010. Trish uses her marketing experience to design individualized wine list for each client based on their needs.

At the present moment Vidalco South Carolina, LLC serves: Charleston, Hilton Head, Columbia, Greenville and the Myrtle Beach Area.

Our philosophy on wine is one based on quality, and we strive to provide our clients with an amazing selection of unique, outstanding wines. In addition, we work with our clients to expand their knowledge about our wines, assisting them to build their wine programs, and grow their businesses. Each client has unique needs, and we work very hard to determine and fulfill those needs.

Trish and Marcos married in May 2010, and currently reside in Charleston, SC.

Contact information:

Trish L. Digliodo, President of Vidalco SC, LLC: email:
Marcos H. Digliodo, CEO of Vidalco SC, LLC: email:

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